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With its ergonomic and light weight design, the S326 cleaver offers the operator the versatility to cleave on a work bench or in the palm of their hand. The reduced lid size and wide opening angle facilitates fibre loading and improves stability resulting in better single and ribbon fibre cleaves. Just pressing the lever completes the fibre cleave and automatically collects the waste. With 24 positions, the long life-time blade achieves 48,000 fibre cleaves. The S326 cleaver can offer optical fibre cleaving for a full range of OSP and OEM applications.


Product Line Up

Model Application
S326A 125m clad diameter fibre
S326S80 80m clad diameter fibre


Item S326A S326S80
Fibre Types All fibre types All fibre types
Fibre Count Single to 12 ribbon fibre Single
Clad Diameter 125 m 80 m
Coating Diameter Single fibre: 250 to 900 m
Ribbon fibre: 300 to 400 m (thickness)
Single fibre: 160 to 180 m
Cleave Length Single fibre: 5 to 20 mm
Ribbon fibre: 10 mm
Single fibre: 5 to 10 mm
Blade Life*1 48,000 fibers (2,000 fibers24 positions) 48,000 fibers (2,000 fibers24 positions)
Dimensions 96W79D56H mm 96W79D56H mm
Weight 250 g 250 g

*1 - The blade life depends on the operation environment and condition. The number can vary and is not guaranteed

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